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Show Review: Woods and Titus Andronicus//Webster Hall//October 20, 2009

For the unaware, my goal for the penultimate week of October 2009 is to see as much free music as humanly possible, while trying to drink as much free booze in the process.  Luckily, the decline of ticket sales coupled with an uptick in corporate promotion has made this an extremely easy task during the week of CMJ.  I’ve actually been in the enviable position of having to choose WHICH awesome free show to go to.  Hence, I had forfeit the very disorganized Clipse show at the Hiro Ballroom so I could catch lo-fi stoner country band Woods and New Jersey’s literate punk rockers, Titus Andronicus at Webster Hall.  Webster Hall for the unaware, is a huge space and it gave the show a really great laid back vibe as the bands playing didn’t warrant the capacity of such a large venue.  I walked in as Woods was setting up on the “side stage.”

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