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Matt Wrote About Ted Leo

(photo credit: Kyle Gustafson)

We at AVERSE have been pretty busy getting our end of the year coverage together, but in the meantime Matt Siblo’s been a busy little bee in his own right. Here’s a review at the DCist of the Ted Leo/Title Tracks/Radio 4 show at DC’s Black Cat from this past weekend. The older Siblo and I saw Mr. Leo at the Matador CMJ not-a-showcase this year and can vouch for this new batch of tracks. If the live versions are any indication The Brutalist Bricks is going to be a must-listen next year. Here’s an MP3 of “Where Was My Brain?”


Show Review: Tanlines, Lemonade, Cold Cave and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists//The Suffolk (NYC)//October 23, 2009

Apologies for the late reporting but I hope to be all caught up with my AVERSE assignments by day’s end.  Paul is not afraid to ride me, hard.  Let’s flash back one last time to the CMJ Festival and talk about the Matador Records/True Panther showcase.  For the unaware, True Panther Sounds is an imprint of Matador Records that focuses on bands that don’t fit into the Matador Records stable.  Which frankly, doesn’t make any sense, since Matador has been home to Liz Phair, Large Professor, Fucked Up, Pavement, the New Pornographers and Dead Meadow.  Their roster never made for a coherent label sound, which is part of what makes Matador such a great label.  I’m not clear on why, in a time when labels matter the least they ever have, anyone would start a NEW imprint, but Sub Pop has done it too (Hardly Art), so I guess it’s all the rage to start pointless imprints.  Coming soon: AVERSE’s sister blog imprint, AVCRSE (“A Veritable Consumption of Records, Succinctly Examined”) where we will do exactly what we do here, except different?

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