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A Real Life Story of Teenage Reevaluation #1: Screeching Weasel//Anthem For a New Tomorrow

While some teeneagers grew up listening to the Doors and Led Zeppelin- reveling in pseudo-pretentious lyrics coupled with blazing guitar solos and emphatic technical prowess, I spent my formative years shaking along to tinny drums played at a jackhammer’s pace, punctuated occasionally by chugging guitars, doo-wop harmonies, or over-the-top horn parts- in some cases, all of the above. This weekly journey aims to explore exactly how to compartmentalize the music of my youth. Note: I’ll be focusing on records released before May of 2000, my 20th birthday.  If there is a record that came out during that time period that you’d like me to cover, leave it in the comments.

Most people I talk to seem to count among their seminal musical moments as the moment they heard the Velvet Underground or the Pixies or Nirvana.  But let’s get real: if you were born in 1980 and you didn’t have an older brother/cousin/neighbor you are probably posturing or didn’t take an active interest in music until way after high school.

While I was into Nirvana, by the time I was in eighth grade Kurt did his thing and the hero worship instantly bothered me.  I was too self-aware to pretend that any of the angst Kurt was peddling applied to my life and I’m pretty sure having a member of Shellac record your commercially groundbreaking follow up album didn’t impress an overweight teenager whose other bedroom heroes included Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam.  Even though I loved grunge (and may be covered in future editions of this column) I never really felt a connection to those bands: they seemed to speak to a generation that was already in college or on the cusp of freedom.  In 1994 I knew I was still a long ways from any type of parental independence.  And then I saw the video that changed my life.
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