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Thom Siblo’s Top Sixty Songs of 2009 (40-21)

You guys! The next batch of Best Song picks! Only two days late!


Click here for part 1!

(Thom’s picks after the cut. Download a .ZIP of all songs here.)

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Show Review: Fool’s Gold//Knitting Factory//October 19, 2009

Warning: the phrase Afro-world-pop may or may not be used in this posting.

Sure, it’s just a short hand term, a crutch used by music writers, but along with other ridiculous(ly fun) music genres names (glo-fi! bro-fi! lo-tide!) it’s enough to turn the weak of heart away from some pretty innovative and interesting new bands.  Now, it’s not my job to measure up the insecurities of the type of listener that would turned off by a genre’s name– I’ll leave that to Matt Siblo, Averse blogger and psych(ologist) rocker.  But after seeing Fool’s Gold play at the new Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I am here to assure you that Fool’s Gold is a band that overcomes the Afro-world tag.

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