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Music Video: brokeNCYDE // Freaxxx

Hey everybody! Welcome to Matt’s Corner, no parents allowed! Each week, more or less, I’ll bring you coverage from the music video front. Some new, some classic, some terrible. My first is god-awful. I used of to think of experimental music as three guys in an art space with laptops, a weird looking upright bass and glowing cubes. Maybe one of them has a saxophone, or reads spoken word. This video has completely changed that view, in that it takes two seemingly dissimilar genres of music and smashes them together violently in some tasteless particle accelerator to create something so macabre, so grotesque, that I’ve watched it at least 15 times since it was sent to me by a friend a week ago. This music so experimental, it should come with a Bunsen burner and graduated cylinder! Also, one of the band member’s only duties is listed as “Lights, fog machine”.

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