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It’s Hard to find a Decent Rap Video

I’ve been searching for a few months to find a decent rap (hip-hop?) video for this post and it is difficult, y’all. For such a vibrant musical culture, they sure are lacking in the visuals department. Pretty much, if you’ve seen one rap video you’ve seen them all…. Until now! Coming to you str8 off the streets of South Africa comes the Afrikaner crew, Die Antwoord. Near as i can tell, the group features Marlon Brando’s lil’ doppelganger from the Island of Dr. Moreau on the 1’s and 2’s. “Fock, this is lyeke da cooolest song i heard in m’whole life!”

And ya can’t beat that with a bat. Well, here’s a few more from the states that try.

…And purely because it’s Ghost.


Music Videos: That’s So Metal

I tried, dear reader, and I mean I really tried to get a few metal albums into the Averse year-end best of albums list for 2009. Obviously the best metal record of the year, I never bothered to check that Mastodon’s Crack the Skye was released in 2009, thinking it was released in late 2008 probably because that’s when I downloaded it illegally. I suggested Shrinebuilder, Isis, and Baroness but I didn’t even bother trying to hip my peers to the latest Slayer album, easily their best since Reign In Blood, let alone SUNN O)))’s Monoliths and Dimensions. I’m listening to SUNN O))) as I write this in fact, the album is amazing. Today, however, I’m proud to say Baroness’s The Blue Album will be in our top 59 out of 60 best albums of 2009. I’ll let you guess where it sits. That’s why today I’m devoting my day to metal videos. Excited? Relax, it’s one post.

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Music Videos: Laydeez Nite!

Hey Mattkateers! Welcome back, and you couldn’t have visited at a better time cuz it’s LAYDEEZ NITE! This post is devoted to videos made by lady singers. I know it’s strange, but we’ve had lady voters and bus drivers for a decade or two now so I think it’s the natural order of things. I’d like to be the first to point out how progressive I am. More than a comparison of videos by female artists, however, this is more a critique on how to spend on a budget. Today I bring  you 4 videos, 3 of which don’t have the major label money the other one does.
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Music Video: brokeNCYDE // Freaxxx

Hey everybody! Welcome to Matt’s Corner, no parents allowed! Each week, more or less, I’ll bring you coverage from the music video front. Some new, some classic, some terrible. My first is god-awful. I used of to think of experimental music as three guys in an art space with laptops, a weird looking upright bass and glowing cubes. Maybe one of them has a saxophone, or reads spoken word. This video has completely changed that view, in that it takes two seemingly dissimilar genres of music and smashes them together violently in some tasteless particle accelerator to create something so macabre, so grotesque, that I’ve watched it at least 15 times since it was sent to me by a friend a week ago. This music so experimental, it should come with a Bunsen burner and graduated cylinder! Also, one of the band member’s only duties is listed as “Lights, fog machine”.

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