It’s Hard to find a Decent Rap Video

I’ve been searching for a few months to find a decent rap (hip-hop?) video for this post and it is difficult, y’all. For such a vibrant musical culture, they sure are lacking in the visuals department. Pretty much, if you’ve seen one rap video you’ve seen them all…. Until now! Coming to you str8 off the streets of South Africa comes the Afrikaner crew, Die Antwoord. Near as i can tell, the group features Marlon Brando’s lil’ doppelganger from the Island of Dr. Moreau on the 1’s and 2’s. “Fock, this is lyeke da cooolest song i heard in m’whole life!”

And ya can’t beat that with a bat. Well, here’s a few more from the states that try.

…And purely because it’s Ghost.


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